About Our Company

Lubanja is the leading website design company in Ethiopia with affordable prices. The company is found in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lubanja has provided website design and development services to many companies in Ethiopia. Whether it’s a private company, government corporation, or non-profit organization, we design creative and intuitive websites that use the latest technologies.

Our website design prices mainly depend on the scale and features of the website. That means, the cost of developing a website mostly depends on the number of pages to be designed and the functionalities and features of the website.

What We Do

Website Design, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic design, Web Design Tutor, and Online Promotion.

Website Design and Development in Ethiopia

Websites we design


For user usability and interaction a great-looking website is very necessary. So we care about it during the website design.

Fast Loading

Website speed is a must-have at this time. For users and SEO aspects, it is vital. We will implement the latest technologies to make it fast.


For your website, Security is a big concern. So don't worry, we will think about it and implement it during the design.

SEO Optimized

The website will be SEO optimized which will help you to rank in major search engines. Like on Google, Bing, and more.